Last night I took my theory on BB Maps navigation, and put it to practice whilst walking home. About 6km from O’Reilley’s. And though there was a light drizzle when I started, it quickly stopped and turned somehat muggy.

First thing to know about Stuttgart, it is hilly. Roughly a bowl, with some lumpy bits.
Can be quite steep, as these stairs show…..
The wheenchair ramps must be built for Rick Hansen!!
To make things easier, Stuttgart have put in tunnels, to cut through some of the “lumpy bits” 😉
Did you notice the 1896 date on the stonework?

Second. There can be bad food. I had the currywurst, which turned out to be neither a kebab, nor a real currywurst, but a regular bratwurst with curry powder and tomato sauce. Avoid this place….
20160513_1921-badFastFood_sm…..known as Chicken Tom.

And signage can be in English.
Often seen “Second Hand”. But the one that made me smile was on a gallery window……

Was a nice walk. Stuttgart has several “centres” due to growth and my route took me through Sud-Zentrum. Which is where the bad food was. But thence onto Olgastrasse. Nice street. If I had more time, or beer-driking stamina, could have had a really good pub-crawl.
Olgastrasse fed into Meckarstrasse. Both full of interesting gasthofs.
But my simple, though long route got me easily back to the hotel, where I showered, and to bed.

Next morning I did not have to wake till 8am, the start for breakfast on weekends. Only one sandwich. It is either the cold cuts, or the beer, making me keep my Canadian weight. haha

True confessions.

Yesterday I had gone to catch a tram, and mistook the swimming pool ticket machine for the tram ticket machine. Both will sell you a single or a day ticket!!! Went to see if the ticket was still valid, but no. Still, it has improved my German reading skills 🙂
In some ways this was a pity. As the place has sauna, mineral baths etc…… more than just a swimming pool. Though most things are extra.

So I took off to walk downtown, and see the bits I had missed yesterday evening.

Second true confession. I had not expected to find sushi here. But this place is less than 100m from my hotel……
Will give a sitrep later.

The walk downtown was pretty much all downhill. And there is a park that runs north from downtown. Much of Stuttgart reminds me of Toronto as there is construction EVERYWHERE. This part is in the park…..

The whole centre is a pedestrian precinct. So it is nice. And there was live music festival in progress.

My feet on the return journey found the market. Hmmmmmmmmm. Presentation in Europe is always so much better. I was looking at some halwa, but fell for the stuffed dates. There would have been a picture, but…….hahahahahahahahahaha……. they did not last long !
And I caught the tram home.

Time for supper.
Then sort out my plans for tomorrow.
Sunday means is must be Munchen !