Munchen on a Sunday Morning

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The sushi from last night was OK. Small by North American standards and a tad pricey. I ate the maki before I realized I should have taken a photo, so here is the menu……
The ramen was tasty, and very similar to what you get back in Toronto…..

Sunday morning, up for 8am breakfast. Packed and dressed for a cool but dry Sunday morning. Stayed that way all along to Munchen. I just kept ahead of the rain. Even when stopping to take a photo

I was heading for the Ukrainian cathedral, but the riding scenic routes, and then the getting lost, made me late and a tad tired, so I stopped for lunch
YES! They have crackling here in Bavaria 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was a bigger piece till I took a bite. I really was hungry 😉
Germany is so civilized 🙂 They even give you fizzy water by default!

A chat with two gentlemen at the table, and off to find the Ukrainian Cathedral. Which I did here, with some psychic navigation. hahahaha! And it worked.

Everybody was super nice. Scored a coffee, pie and cheese-cake :):):) Plus the cutest cream jug, you ever did see……

Found a spot to stay nearby and rode over.

Ritchie says:

So, is it everywhere in Europe that you will be offered cream for your coffee EXCEPT the UK? I found that if you ask for it there, they look at you either with pity, or like you have a third small prehensile limb growing out of your forehead.

biker says:

Coffee in England? Are you mad sir?????