Up for breakfast at 7:30am, then back for a nap. Listened to more Agatha Cristie’s ‘Black Coffee’, both whilst having a nap, and whilst looking for a route across the alps.

This routing is harder than it looks.
Google just lists the route, and will show traffic but not weather conditions.
There are some specialized sites, both for motorcycles and for weather, but they assume you know which pass you need to look at.
I rummaged around until it all seemed more of the same, and decided to do something productive.

Mapped some laundromats and walked off in search. Missed the first, but found the second. Awesome Germany design. One wall has the machine that takes your money and enables your machine. Clever. Plus a soap dispenser run off the same machine.
Found an excellent donner kebab whilst waiting. Well it was past lunchtime.
Then back to dry my gear.

Walked on to the next light-rail station and zoomed into town.

The rain was supposed to be stopping, but as I left the station, it was falling very heavy. Walked around the Residenz. HUGE is the best way to describe this palace. And lots going on.

Around the corner was the Hofbrauhaus. Found using an old fashioned paper map:)
Three huge floors of entertainment. Ground floor was a zoo, with hordes of loud people and a “ooompa pa pah” band. Next floor was quiet and much less crowded. Top floor was full of long tables and suitable for groups, such as the 30 Polish people who came in just ahead of me.
All run by the State! Munchen has this huge drinking parlour that is government run. Stuttgart has a government run vinyard. They take their drink seriously.
Hmmmmm. Ontario’s LCBO is run by the provincial government.

Did not stay for a drink. Instead walked through the Viktualienmarkt, which was shut. So maybe today is a holiday, which would explain the partying yesterday!
And upon looking it up, today is Whit Monday. No wonder lots of places were shut!

Walking to the light-rail station, the rain turned heavy again, so I popped into a random bar. Turned out to be a gay bar. With the best version of the Last Supper on the wall. Marilyn Monroe in the centre, and a who’s who of male actors around, eg: Bogart, Astaire….. 🙂

Moved on, but the rain a light drizzle now. Caught the light-rail home.

Decided that supper would be nice, So stopped of at Bei Luigi and had a very nice Cotoletta Milanese…..
Though it was hard switching to Italian!

Back home to unpack my laundry and update this blog. Oh. And to dry out. I had worn only my fleece.
The accuWeather app needs to do better. I have recently binned the Jared weather app, as it has been especially inaccurate, even on the current time. Weird.

Ritchie says:

Yeah yeah, that “I didn’t know it was a Gay bar” excuse is the same one you gave me in Toronto that night. Between this, and the “getting undressed” @ BMW comment, I’m starting to wonder if you’re returning to your European roots a little too rapidly.

biker says:


And that was before I clicked on the link.

What link? I can hear people saying it now. No such links on my blog, sir!
And how do you have the time to go looking for this stuff?
Will have to review all comments more carefully, before I approve. Or as a good friend keeps reminding me, READ EVERYTHING. hahahahaha