Sunday afternoon was drawing to a close, as I parked the bike and took care of it. Will need some oil soon. Highway running tends to burn oil.

Unpacked and sorted out my next steps, whilst following Leicester’s last game of the season. A draw against Chelsea. With Schlupp conceeding a penalty, but Drinkwater levelling with a stunning 30yd drive.
With Vardy and Drinkwater in the Euro2016 team for England, maybe the team will do something this time? Best result was 3rd, in 1996 when England were hosting the competition. So don’t hold your breath. After all, Ranieri is not in charge…….hahahaha.

So Munchen means Beer!
Found the nearest light-rail station, just down the hill, and off I went. Augustiner is regarded as the standard that all beer is measured against. So I found their keller. And when they say keller, they mean deep, deep, deep keller, accessed by a winding stone staircase. The place was huge and packed. What’s everybody doing out on a Sunday night??????
Maybe a clutch of Bayern Munich fans? They were having a party in the main square, having won their league.
Leicester could be playing them next year:)
But I digress.
You can have a barrel of fun in the Keller……
But my advice is to order all your drinks at once…..
The staff are super-busy.

From there I walked into the old city centre. Very cute.

My next stop was to have been the Hofbrauhaus. But I was being misled by my BlackBerry Maps app. So I asked the nearest chap and ended up in the wrong place. Which as often turns out in life, is the right place.
Met a crew from Futurama.
And Kenneth from Scarborough, a very happy Middlesborough supporter! They just confirmed their spot in the Premier League next season.

At this point I realised that the bock…
…was bringing my evening to a close. So hopped a cab and came home.

Ritchie says:

You met people who worked on the animated series Futurama? Or is that something else in Europe?

biker says:

A director in their development labs 🙂