BMW Welt, Oil and Bad Tolz

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Across the street, which you can reach via a bridge is the BMW Welt. A misnomer, IMHO. Should be called ‘A candy store for grown-ups who have not grown-up”!!! hahahaha

The building is spectacular on the inside. If you enter via the bridge then you come in onto the balcony, and can look over all the wonders that are BMW 🙂
Except for the motorcycles. They are in two areas on the balcony. I nearly missed this. I mean. How often are you at the beach, with your surf-board and bike, and have to go home…..
Sure makes me smile 🙂

Seriously fun building. Rollers, Mini’s and BMW’s, everywhere. Displayed wonderfully.

Saw this pair ……
Still brings a smile to my face remembering these. My first car. They were old, even back then. Oh happy days 🙂

Could not find a parts counter, so went to Customer Service. Asked if they sold oil. No. Gifts. Clothing. Books. Etc.. but nothing a BMW owner would need.
So asked at the desk for directions. They pointed me to the nearest car dealer. Glad I checked before I left.
I found the Motorrad store, which was nearby, so explained the error to the receptionist (do not want the next rider to be misled), and off I went.

Found Motorrad, was in a construction zone.
Once inside, had to lug myself and my stuff upstairs. No lift. And what did I find? One litre of oil is 21.50 Euros!!!!!! I paid by card, just to remind myself.
Nor does it have a little pull-out spout, to help with the pouring.
Heck. For that many Euros, I would expect someone appear and top up my bike as needed.
Still. I will need to top up my bike soon. So, better pay now than pay for a dead bike later.

Now it was time to leave Munchen.

I reverted to psychic navigation mode, and soon found myself in Bad Tolz. A seriously pretty place. And my first glimpse of the alps…..
You may have to strain your eyes, looking just above the tree-line in the centre of the picture. But yes, the alps are in sight.

The rain had held off, after the museum, whilst I was travelling. Unpacking was done in a drizzle. But then the sun came out. Nice.
Found a cup of tea, and two EXCELLENT chocolate truffles. All whilst watching the town and the river.
Then back to strolling up and down the hills in Bad Tolz. The streets are steep. But it was a lovely evening.

Supper in the hotel was OK. Sauce was a little salty. But the rest was great…..

And so to update the blog.
And then to bed.

Decision day tomorrow. Cross the alps via Innsbruck or Salzburg? G’nite all.