Was up late last night planning for a run aross the alps. Looks very do-able from Salzburg.

Up before 7am for breakfast, pack and head to the BMW Museum.
Arrived AOK. Am finding that my psychic navigation technique is working as well as a GPS 🙂

First impression. AM JEALOUS. Not of the building. But the way people can park their bikes anywhere on a side-walk (apparently). I did try parking on the side-walk, under cover with a bunch of bikes and scooters, but the cases were too wide. So parked on BMW property……….
Museum steps to the left. The Welt in the background.
There was a model inside to show the overview……
With the museum being the low building with a BMW logo on the roof. And yes. The logo is there.

Went inside and was able to undress, and walk around comfortably. No. This is not a Nordic theme. Just getting rid of my armour and wet-weather gear.

My ticket came with a discount, courtesy of my MOA membership:) Any BMW club will do.
Well worth the price. LOTS to see. Here is a random selection…..

Early prototype bike……

The first in 1923…….


THe first non-British bike to win the TT……

A wall of bikes…..

The future???????

Then and Now……


Which leads nicely into the first winner of Italy’s Mille….

An electric Roller……
You can see the charging socket to the left of the passenger window.

And a mixed bunch on the top floor…..

There was LOTS more that I saw, in terms of vehicles. And even more in terms of exhibits, in all forms.

With all that walking, I needed a bite to eat. So headed to the museum cafe, for a nice lunch…..

And then across to the BMW Welt……