Awoke early to grey skies and rain. Really glad I ran the Alps yesterday 🙂 The rain looked set for the whole day, so I elected to stay put. Wise choice. Rain was persistent, often heavy, and only now at 7pm is it clearing.

After taking care of some chores, I popped out for lunch. Same place as last night’s excellent vongole. This time an excellent thin-crust pizza

Not many people on the streets. The weather was bad
The second picture of the river shows the bridge that the first picture was taken from.

My walkabout took me to all the major attractions. Best bit was a personal preview of a new exhibit on World War One, in Schio’s museum. Did not realize that this area had been a major battlefield then.

And around the corner from where I am staying, is this military chapel, built after World War One. It is larger than it looks……
…..which is a sad thing.All those lives cut short, and the attending fall-out 🙁 Still. Not like we learnt the lesson, and never did it again!!!

Had a weird, but nice cup of tea. Tasted more like Horlicks. And the kind people found some nice shortbread cookies for me 🙂

I came home to dry off, and update this blog.
Now can have supper:)