Got out of Schio on a warm and sunny day. Headed south-ish, using psychic navigation which took me to a really nice buffet lunch place. I had vegetables, salad and a Pellegrino:)

After that I ran onto the highway, where I quickly entered a traffic jam. Hmmmmmm. Slow movement and hot sunshine do not make an easy ride. But a stop for water, and off to zoom, zoom, zoom. The traffic cleared and I ended up in Terni. Some 500km south.

Found a farm B&B nearby.

A good night’s sleep, then up and run south again.

Enroute to Naples, was Montecassino, which gave this view…..
The museum was awesome. And there was a shop, but no cafe.

So down the hill, and run along to Napoli. Was surprisingly quick. Where upon I ended up in the chaos that is Napoli traffic. Well that is what it looked like, but upon reflection it was just different. No quarter! I paused to let out a bus, and upset the flow. First and last time that I did that. When in Napoli……………
Aside from the traffic and pedestrians, you need to watch out for the potholes. Serious potholes. Not just big and deep. But also loose cobble-stones around the hole.

Ended up near my destination…….
Notice the cars and scooters in the area designated as a pedestrian only area????? Yes. Traffic is different here. But it works! Seriously!