Do You Know the Way to Orvieto?

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Yes I do.
However, the rest was not so easy.

Early morning up and bid adieu to Sharon.
Alex came along to the garage to get the bike. Then help load the the bike, and bid me adieu.

Not only are Alex and Sharon smart and fun, but there are hospitable in the true sense of the word. I was well taken care of 🙂 I rode off feeling blessed.

Just as well. Finding my way out of Naples, and to Hearculaneum were a challenge. In fact I missed Herculaneum TWICE! hahahaha. Once from the autostrada. And the second via the coastal road.
Neither had any signage. And the second was such fun, that I was almost all the way back in Naples before I realized that I had missed my destination, again.

Tempus fugit, so I rode on.

There was a slight detour. I was finding that I needed a nap. Must have been all that walking up and down hills in Napoli, and the stairs to the apartment.
Ended up in San Vittore del Lazio. Pretty village on a hill. Outstanding views. Nice church, with a pleasant priest.
Sat watching the view, and dozed off.
Luckily I had stopped off for a capuccino, dolce and picked up two small kobassi for later on. These were awesome sat watching the world from the top of the hill:) And practical. The town was closed for siesta.

Next destination was close by. Esperia. A small place where I went to meet Mario. If you do not know the story, buy me a vino rosso/bianco, and I will fill you in.
Again, the hosts were generous. And I rode off with photos, and the reminder that the world is full of fun, generous and good people 🙂
Thanks Toni&Johnny!

Which then left me with a run to Orvieto. Easiest part of the day.
Another town on a hill. But this one has a “zebra” church.
Be aware that the place is designed for walking, not driving.
Orvieto does have lots to offer than nice views. Well worth a visit.

Found my hotel. They were super nice and told to park in a primo spot 🙂

And now it is time for bed.

G’nite all