Napoli by Moon, Sun and in the Dark

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Alex and Sharon arrived after their working day as promised. And wonders of wonders, I had actually parked in the garage where Alex had negotiated a good daily rate 🙂 We had to leave it there due to a size issue. Yup size does matter. The bike would not fit through the gate, into the courtyard of their condominium.

We went out for supper. Pizza! And a walk to the waterfront, where the moon was out. On the way home, Alex and I were singing ‘Santa Lucia’, which as Sharon observed, was in Santa Lucia! Now there is something I never thought I would have on the bucket list, never mind ticked off 🙂

Our nightcap was at the Caffe Gambrinus. Then a walk home. Perfect way to spend the first evening in Napoli.

The next (Sunday) morning Alex and I caught the train to the Castel Santa’Elmo. NICE view.

We walked down, to meet with Sharon and head off for lunch by the water. Here you can see Alex and Sharon by the marina 🙂

Then a long walk along the waterfront for gelato (yummy). There was a bit of a party. See the van below…..

Sunday evening closed with smoked salmon and a salad.

Monday meant work for all 3. Though I did fit in a tour of the Grecian and Roman parts of the city. They are underground. Cool. Literally and figuratively.
One new piece of knowledge. The Greeks did have stone arches 🙂

Alex and I met for lunch and another stroll around the city. And more gelato.

We arrived a bit before Sharon, who then proceeded to make a superb mushroom risotto and sausages.

Tomorrow is Tuesday morning, and time to go 🙁