Ran all the checks and clean-ups on the bike this morning, after a bit of a lie-in, and breakfast.

On the bike and ran north on the autostrada. Some cheeky chaps overtook me. Two up on a motorcycle. Noticed they had UK plates so picked up the pace and caught up. They pulled into a service station some60km up the road, and so did I. We both filled up, and I introduced myself.
Turned out that they were from Nottingham, on a 2 week holiday, and worried about France. Bit of a petrol strike, with pickets at most of the refineries.

With that cheerful news I headed to Siena, and ended up here. Motorcycles really do beat walking 😉

Do you remember the opening of James Bond ‘Quantum of Solace’, where he comes out of the sewers in the middle of the Palio. That was in Siena.
And as for the opening scene, where he is driving Mr Whyte through a series of tunnel on Italian roads. Well, I have done lots of those tunnels 🙂
Now all I have to do is practice saying, “The name is Bond, James Bond”……. hahaha

From there I headed cross-country to Empoli, but was side-tracked by another pedestrian precinct, a bun and aqua minerale frizzante 🙂

Consequently I passed by Empoli and stopped off for fuel. They had no fuel, but free wifi, coffee and more water. I was begining to feel the effects of the sun. Hence more water.

Booked a hotel by the sea-side, and rode on. Rode on past the junction in fact. Ooooops. Took the next one and fell into a traffic jam, but was able to cut that time short.

Fuel warning light came on, just after I passed the sign stating 44km to next services. I slowed down. Fuel usuage goes up, dramatically, the higher the speed. And 45km is the most I have travelled once the “low fuel” warning light came on.
Luckily there was a station just at my exit.

From there it was to the beach and find the hotel.