On my way round the twisties, stopped off here to take this photo…..

If you have any kind of motion-sickness do not drive on these roads. Nor be driven. Seriously. The photo is of one of the easier bends. I actually dropped the bike on one of the tighter bends.
No damage to me, or the bike. I basically stalled the bike and fell over.
It’s tricky going downhill. You have control only with the rear wheel pushing the bike. And you are braking because it is a tight corner and really steep, on a narrow road, with traffic coming at you. Got the balance between push and brake wrong. Fell over.
Luckily the next car to come along had 3 likely lads, and we picked the bike up. It nearly fell over again. That is how steep the slope was. Hahaha.
Going uphill is MUCH easier. To quote Clarkson, “More power!” and more turning/leaning will get you around the bend. Trust in the bike.
I was obviously overthinking the downhill turn. Oooops.
Still. No parts of me nor the bike on the road, so carry on. Only to find what the chaps meant by “best of luck”. There were more such turns. But less thinking, so no more falls.

Did end up in time for a very nice lunch here.
A fish stew that was worth the trouble.
Hard roads to travel.
Scenery that made you want to stop every minute.
And lots of sun and therefore heat.

Cinque Terre, cinque mille grazzie.