Well. You don’t have to be mad to ride. But it helps.

Rode till I found Da Franco’s. Was a tricky spot, until I found it. The next time I will just ride into the pedestrian precinct and park that way! Lots of other two-wheelers had done the same!
Had a nice supper. So worth the agro.
Why go there? Long time ago I used to hang out at Da Franco’s in Loughborough. But Da Franco moved back to Italy, planning to open up a restaurant in the Genoa area. Thought it time I redemmed my Chess-Champion mantle. Another story for another time 😉

Then back on the road. Dark now, and nothing much available via the websites, so rode out to the airport. Found a few questionable locations, so carried on till I found a (so-called) four-star hotel. They must have a different rating system in Genoa. But late. And best not to ride far. Rates not too bad.
Found that they nickel and dime you along the way.
Parked. Took just my “go-bag” into the room, showered and to bed.

Would have been in bed sooner, but I called Bell to add more data to my plan and had a confusing conversation with Princess (that was the name I was given), and her supervisor.
All I wanted to know was how the data plan would kick in. Automatically when the old data ran out (as happened last time), or…..well it was confusing as to what they were telling me. But I am guessing that they were telling me the current plan is terminated (with 20% of data remaining) and the new plan is in place. Of course, they may just be confused people. Shame, as Princess sounded like a nice person, but without a capacity to listen. Think I am being tough? She asked me where I was. I told her, Genoa, Italy and that it was after midnight. Next question was “What time is it there?”
Next bill from Bell should be interesting. Cannot wait to have to call them again.
Now I wonder if they read this ‘Thought of the Moment‘? haha

Next morning.
Checked the bike over.
Managed to get cash from one of the banks in the nearby Shopping Mall, and was on my way.

My missions for yesterday accomplished: travel Cinque Terre; eat at Da Franco’s; and see Genova.