Lido di Camaiore and North

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Was thinking of somewhere to stop and the Lido seemed like a good spot. BookingDotCom found a hotel for me. And I rode to the sea-side.
Had on-site parking……
and a view of the sea from my balcony…..20160525_2001_LidoDiCamaiore_viewFromMyBalconey_sm

Took just my “go-bag” and laptop into the room. Showered, then out for a walk.

The Lido has a pier…….

And nice sunsets……

Took a stroll around town. And took these photos…..
The hotel is the taller building in the middle. And do you notice the empty sand, with fence and chairs on the right? Nearly all of the beach is private. You have to rent time, chairs, umbrella, etc….. in Italy.

Had some ex-frozen fish&chips. Yeah I know. But the hotel restaurant was full of kids. And most places featured pizza.

Took this skyline photo on my way home….

In the morning, checked the bike over. Had breakfast and set off.

Headed along the coast, to capture the scenic route, and get to the Chinque Terre.

My first stop here, gave me this photo….

As I was to find, the best views did not have a stopping place.

The next was of La Spezia harbour/bay…..

And then it was into the hard work of riding the Chinque Terre.