Riding into Monaco was hot and busy work. Traffic everywhere.

Tried various routes to get downtown, but all was blocked by the police. I was beginning to think this was normal for a weekend, till I saw a poster. This weekend. Formula One is in town for the Monaco Grand Prix!!! hahahaha

Saw the poster when I was parked in a motorcycle spot, that was only valid long enough for me to send these co-ordinates. A policeman came along and asked me to move along, just as I was packing up to do the same 🙂

Am still smiling thinking what an idiot I was. Riding from one side of Monaco to the other, looking for a way in.
On the other hand, if I had not been such an idiot, I would never have seen Monaco. Which looked nice. All buildings in good repair. And the quality of the vehicles was evident. Rollers. Ferrari. Aston Martins. And a surfeit of Porches. The other vehicles in plenty, were BMW motorcycles. Have never seen so many. Nice.

PS: Lewis Hamilton won the GP