Parked up on the Cote d’Azur, in Agay

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Found a nice place to stop and went in to have a chat with the Tourist Information office. They gave me an overview, a map and where hotels were open. Took a stroll, but none of the places had laundramat. Even I was begining to think it time for laundry. Over 1,000km over 2 days in the heat…….. Went back to Tourist Information and they informed me of a place, about a kilometre away. Jumped on the bike and found it. Then back to one of the 3 places, and booked for 2 nights.
My location is here

Unpacked, showered and changed. Then went in search of supper. There is a place attached to the hotel, called Happy Days!!! Went in for
(a) the view…….
(b) the cheese&veg appetizer…….
(c) the fish&rissotto main…….
But NOT the worst cognac ever! Hints of paraffin, never mind oak!!!!

Had a nice walk in the evening…..
finishing off with a tea and a nice scotch, at this beach bar 🙂