Saturday is Laundry and Mad French

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Up in the morning for the best buffet breakfast todate.

Gave me the energy for a stroll to the laverie automatique (laundromat) where not only is payment made at a central box as in Germany, but the soap is added automatically.
The wait gave me time to put out some calls and catch up on my Tai Chi.

Back home, I found the room cleaned, etc, so could re-organize my laundry. Did some walkabout and shopping, and rough planning. Found out that Robert&Eilene are holidaying in Spain, but whereabouts unknown.

Decided to stay an extra day. Have yet to catch up on my blog, and the weather looks iffy on Sunday.

Checked the bike over.
Minor adjustment to tighten the chain. Really minor. More as a check than a necessity. Had lub’d and cleaned yesterday.
Adjusted the frame on the right hand pannier. Turned out that yesterday’s fall had not been without casualties. I had dinged the pannier frame, so that it was tight opening the petrol cap. May have to get a new piece from Jesse. Will see how this goes.

Then off to see the “mad French”, who apparently go jousting from boats. Don’t take my word for it, see below……
The whole things looks harder than it seems. Just standing on a moving platform that high off the water is a neat feat. Then you have to hold a big pole, and hit a board tied onto the front of your opponent.
Newton’s Laws dictate that the heavier guy wins, but there were LOTS of exceptions.
Some of the spills were awesome, including a 270 backward flip into the water by one who lost.
Who invented this game??????

Afterwards, I retired for a bite to eat……

Bought some munchies.

Packed all my clean clothes now they had air’d. Showered and went out for supper.

Went back to the beach bar and found Real vs Athletico was into the second half. Had a nice plat-du-jour of fish and couscous, with a rose wine to wash it down with. A cheese plate to ensure supper lasted till the penalty shoot-out finished. Real, with Zidane leading, took the cup.
I wonder what odds I can get for Leicester winning next year? hahahaha.
And whilst Leicester is not well known, Mahrez has raised their profile in Francophonie 🙂

Nice walk home. All 200m. I like being “downtown”!