Sunday was a Rain Day

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Up to the sound of rain. By the time I was sat for breakfast, it was HEAVY. Lasted till noon.

I spent the time doing some planning.
Am heading to Valladolid, in Spain. Have a friend to see. Need to be there for Wednesday.

Can be a challenge.
Have found the French toll process confusing. You pay when you get on, and sometimes when you get off.
Signage is not that great, either.
Plus in a car it is easier. I have to open a pocket, get out my wallet for cash or card. Alternatively dip into my trouser pocket for coins.
Both require gloves to come off, and then go back on.
Bike has to be stopped, put on side-stand, then reverse that process.
So my advice, if you see a motorcycle in a toll lane, join another queue!
I shall be using non-toll roads for this trip. Have found there is not much difference in how long a trip takes in France. Was a different case in Italy and Austria. Even Spain, a few years ago with Barry, the toll roads made for quicker travel.
And as I have said before, one highway looks much like another, anywhere in the world. So take the shorter route. Take the more interesting route. And try not to get lost!

Had a nap. In between staring at screens, maps and planning. So time for a stroll.
Luckily the rain had stopped.

On the way back, had a bite to eat, finished the planning, then went on to see more jousting 🙂

Back to catch up on this blog.
Took a while. But that is all of you updated.
Thanks for your comments.