Plans never survive first contact with the enemy. How right Old Moltke was!

Sun shine and 23degC made it perfect for riding. Then as I rode away from the coast, the blustering winds started. And somehow, I ended up on the toll roads. Not exactly Plan A. hahahaha
After a fuel stop, I looked at the maps and decided to press on.
And on. And on.
Pretty soon I was close to Spain. Which is when the rain started. Those pair-o-knees got me!
I stopped and dressed in wet weather gear, plus a warm jacket layer, and pressed on.Temperature was down to 14degC at times.
Crossed into Spain, and a bit of psychic navigating got me onto the right road to Olot.
The rain was heavy at times, but luckily, it all dried up nicely as I pulled into town.

Found the hotel. And joy-of-joys. My bike is parked in-doors, on a tile floor :):):)
I did the usual checks, unpacked my go-bag and went in search of supper.

Reception suggested a trattoria. So I had a pasta with tea and a scotch. Turned out to be a rather large scotch. Seriously large. Hmmmm. Maybe the waitress was impressed by my command of Spanish?

After supper, I took a wander downtown, then home for a shower, update this blog, and bed.

Goodnight all