Burgos. Come for the Laundry…….

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…….Stay for the city.

Headed out from Toledo, early-ish. Was glad to leave. Had a good time, but some shouting and door banging woke me up around 5am.
Yes. I know. Hard to believe. But it happened. Something woke me up! Something a screaming kid, placed next to me could not do. Sorry Andrew. Hope that did not give you any neuroses. hahahaha

Google set me a route, that luckily my psychic navigation improved upon, and I quickly found my road, and set for Madrid.
But first a pit stop for the bike.
Then zoom-zoom-zoom, though not that fast. My plan was to take a look at Madrid, then stop in Burgos for laundry.

Temperatures were 28degC when I started, and reached 31degC quickly.

Madrid hove into view, and I wandered around a bit.
Looked really nice.
And big.
Really big.

Had to park up and check my bearings. Luckily Spain has LOTS of bike parking spots! hahaha

Ran north to Burgos, stopping about 30km south for eggs, black pudding and pork-belly. I also added a grilled veg dish.

Rode on and found my target laundromat.
Booked a hotel nearby.
Then spent some time finding the hotel. The BBM Map app is seriously wrong with addresses!

Booking in was a challenge
(a) 3 keys failed, so they moved me to another room
(b) the elevator is possessed !!!
(c) parking on the sidewalk by the hotel door is not allowed 🙂

Then off to get the washing done.

Had SPOT marked the location, so easy to find.
And a free wash!
Then the unexpected. The system announced it was closing time, so I had to take the wet laundry back to my room.

Had a cerveza, and a nice shot, then to bed.
Nice that the hotel gives tapas with the drinks:)

Up on Saturday morning to another laundromat, and got my drying done.
Back in my room, I checked whether or not to go to Bilbao (Yes), and then thought to check Burgos. Looked interesting, so stayed for another day.

Walked down to the Museum of Evolution. Interesting.
I liked the Charles Darwin display. Plus the special display about the Basque sailors coming to Canada.
Charlotte. Take heart. The bear at the museum was quizzing my hairstyle too…….

This was the view as I left.
The fountains were on a programme, that was most watchable.

Walked over to the cathedral, seeing my first two-storey merry-go-round on the way.
Burgos is a nice town.
Think that having a river run through it helps. Lots of leafy walks, statues, and even topiary.

Had my first paella of the trip.
Not seen paella anywhere, so far, in Spain. Lots of burger places though. Weird.

Then onto the abbey for a guided tour. Which was really good.
Awesome place. And a fabric museum!
There was pottery from the abbey, but no mention of cakes or jams!
And now I know where some of the furniture in the hotel lobbey came from. Seriously. It looks very similar to the wooden choir stands.
And the only photo I took? Of the floorboards. Some seriously big planks of wood.

Back and do some chores, then update this blog.

Bilboa for Sunday.
Unless I decide to stay for another day. Did not see the castle. And there is a bike washing point……..hahahahaha

Nancy says:

A child may not wake you up, but an elbow does.

biker says:

Oh happy days.
Falling asleep, in class.
Your elbows in my ribs.