I Think I Could Be Lost

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Sunday morning came too quickly. Luckily there was a late departure time today. But still. Seemed to take forever to get ready.

I checked the tires. Checked and packed the bike. Had a caffe-con-leche, and headed north.

Missed my first place turnoff, so took one a little further north. Turned to be quite a bit further north. But what a relevation!
Even a tractor driver had to do an emergency stop, as he was not expecting me. (Yes BMW bikes are quiet)

This was a REALLY small and quiet road. Not even a number designation!

I declared myself officially lost at this location.
Nice location, mind. Even if it was not on my Michelin map. hahahaha

Carried on heading North-East, as that would get me to my first target of the day, Laredo.