Sunday Ends in San Sebastian

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Exiting the “Grand Canyon” I found myself on the road to Laredo. But decided to bash on to Bilbao. And was treated to a view of Laredo, and it’s lovely beach from the highway.

I then misunderstood the signage at Bilbao, ending up on the by-pass. The first toll was only 59 cents. The next made up for that, at 10.5Euros!
Still, the scenery was becoming more alpine by the kilometre. And therefore, even more splendid.

As I drew closer to San Sebastian, I filled up and cleaned/lub’d the bike. Then carried on into Donostia, as it is known in the Basque language.

Ended up in a pension, in downtown San Sebastian. Could not get more downtown if I tried than here 🙂

The city seems MUCH more proper than anywhere else in Spain that I have been. For example. I parked in a pedestrian area near the pension, raising looks of “what are you doing” from some of the pedestrians. I would have parked on the street, but I had already been honked at for trying to do just that.
Nuai (on reception) pointed out the bike parking areas nearby, and I found a primo spot.
Still, a bit disconcerting. Even in Madrid, there are bikes everywhere. Was a surprise, after 5 weeks in Europe, to find a stricter parking culture than in Toronto!!!

Unloaded just my go-bag, and covered the bike up. Then went in search of supper. It had been a longer day than anticipated. Getting lost will do that. 400km+ all told. But oh, the views :):):)

3 bars for tapas, and one sushi place for ramen, meant mission ‘Dinner Out’ accomplished 🙂 And all within the old town, an easy walk from home. As the sun set over the Bay of Biscay, and put the city into a warm evening air.
As the saying goes, “Priceless”.

PS: There is a double-decker merry-go-round here too. Are they all double-deckers in Spain?