Lost, en-route to Tarbes :)

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Up in the morning to pack, visit the cathedral, then
breakfast of a coffee, small bun and two LUCIOUS peaches.

Once packed, I had to get my bike out. Not that easy. People had parked their scooters and bikes after me, such that I had to physically move a scooter in order to get out!

The morning was cool and threatening rain, as I followed my plan and the signage, to get to the main road to France.

Ended up at Saint-Jean-de-Luz for lunch. Close to the water. At ‘Le Cosmopolitain‘. 20160606_1311_bikeStJeanDeLazLeCosmopolitain
A coffee and some Basque cheese saw me ready to ride again.
But first a brief walkabout the town where Louis XIV was married. Included a very nice chat with a German couple, who used to ride the BMW 1200GS. They were looking forward to their day out tomorrow, on a rental 🙂

I had a plan, thanks to Evelyne. Here is a plug for her business. Everything you could want to do in the Basque area of France. Tours. Guided tours. Property rental. Learning French. Or all of the above.
My plan was simpler. Head East-ish, through a series of villages and small towns, to end up in Tarbes.

Needless to say, how I got from de Laz to this location is a mystery. Pity. Was very pretty.
The only places I can recollect are
(1) Sare, as I passed a tiny railway line. Though truth be told, passed is not quite the right term. I parked to see where I was in front of the railway surveyor. Who was very kind, and told me it was OK 🙂
(2) St Pee. Yes, I know. I am being childish. But really. St Pee!
(3) Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, because the town was on my list, and it was very pretty.
At this location, I took this photo…….
……, and a very kind glider pilot from Burgundy confirmed that I was on the right road. And where I was exactly. Awesome glider, that dis-assembles and packs neatly into his camper-van. Seen in the photo. 4metre total wingspan. And about 50cm in cross-section. Doesn’t look big enough!!!
The weather turned brighter as we talked. I was tempted to re-photograph.
The whole area was picturesque. Little villages reminding me of little villages in Britain. Twisty road. Old houses. Gardens under cultivation.

From here, I quickly ran into Tarbes. Lots of traffic, but I found a spot for a cuppa along the way 🙂

Usually I stay downtown, but Tarbes looked shut, so I chanced being out in the burbs.
Booked for 2 nights. Need to do some planning for the next step, route to Paris. Heavy rains have placed much under water! Plus I have developed a niggly cough. Need a rest.

Place is nice.
Petrol available nearby. First time on this trip that I had over 260km, and no need to fill the tank. As the saying goes, Speed kills. IMHO, not you, but the bike’s mileage;)

Found a Moroccan buffet place, that was OK. And did a proper Moroccan tea (sweet&minty).

The rain had stopped as I rode home.
Where I lub’d the chain, cleaned the shocks and put the bike to bed.

Started to update this blog, but, felt the need for a beer. Which they sell here in tiny bottles of 25cl, or half a pint. So had two, and to bed.

Woke up on a dry, but cloudy Tuesday morning, and caught up on this blog. Aside from yesterday’s news, had to add in photos from Burgos.

PS: Talking of news. Still no word from Jamie Vardy as to his move to Arsenal. Maybe he is waiting for ManU to make an offer, so he can return up North. After all, who wants to go to Arsenal? In London, there are other options. Spurs, where he could partner with Kane, as they both had a spell on the bench at Leicester.

Richard & Pat says:

Looks like you might be going through Narbonne. Very Nice church there with a tower of about 160 steps to the top with a great view of the area. A must see.

biker says:

Walk 160 steps? hahahaha
Try strapping on knee&shin armour, wearing a heavy armoured plastic jacket, and then climb.
No way, Jose 🙂

PS: Am heading North. Think it will be Limoges next.