Tarbes Day02, Tuesday

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Having caught up on my blog, was time to start planning.

The rain is supposed to be moving east, so I plan to run west. Aiming for La Rochelle. Then swing east into Burgundy country around Dijon. Head north to Riems and Champagne country. Then Paris for next week.
Let’s see how this works out 😉

Next stop was to find a repair place for my backpack. Done. Thanks to “Yen” the “chef” at the hotel.

And whilst I was waiting ate an EXCELLENT quiche from across the road.


I think I am in love. With the pastry chef 🙂 And this is before I ate the outstanding “pain au raisin”!

Washed the bike. There were a lot of bugs on there by now. So a spray, soap and rinse was in order. Then lube the chain.
Also cleaned off the lettering from the Canada sticker. Oooops. That’s what you get buying from Chinatown.

Took a visit into Tarbes. Looks much better in the sun, though a lot of shops and restaurants seemed closed.

Received a personal invitation from the Mayor, Gérard Trémège, to view the Massey-Hussars museum. No kidding! Anything for a visitor from Canada!
Though I suspect Marie had much to do with that. Ahhhh “les femmes jolie” 🙂

Off for a little tour south, with views of the Pyrenees, in search of a bite to eat.

Then back to thank Yen, getting some pointers on the route.
He is a nice guy.

Updated this blog.

So time to say “G’nite all”.