Bordeaux to St.Emilion

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Headed to Bordeaux and parked in front of the Tourist Information office.
Found the 3 points to hit, one of which was done on the way in. The shallow reflective pool, that is HUGE and full of kids and their parents. Perfect on a 30degC day.
Saw St.Andrew’s cathredal, and the Grand Cloche, then headed out.
It is a big city. Pretty. With a river. But the lure of the road was still on me.

Headed out to Cognac, but was side-tracked by a chap on two wheels who suggested St. Emilion.
Ended up here……

Where the “bubbly” shop was closed (closes at 5:30pm), but two Grand Cru’s were open (both terrible).

Went for supper at L’Envers du Decor, on Gerrard’s (hotel manager) recommendation.

Then a stroll, where I took the above photo.

Just as I was wondering about a night cap, heard some noise, and looked to find a small bar, just below the hotel. Job done 😉

Thence to sleep.

The morning found me up, ran the usual duties on the bike, then back to the same little bar for a coffee and chocolate croissant.

Updated this blog.

Time to move on.

PS: Bit of learning picked up. Armagnac is south of Bordeaux, and cognac is north 🙂