Well, Friday turned out to be a long road. And something went flash in front of my eyes. Was that a speeding camera, or someone trying to cause a biker to crash?

But whatever it was, I have to put a word in for the courtesy shown to bikers here in Europe. People pull over all the time to let bikes go by on country roads. In effect creating a 3rd lane in the middle for bikes. That is true courtesy:)

Still, despite all that automotive courtesy, was late when I pulled into Macon. Two lots of bad news. There were stairs to climb (circular and two stories). No parking by hotel, but in an underground car park, that could prove to be expensive.
PS: The city has an edict, and once a bike is removed on a Friday night, it is not available until Monday.

Once unloaded, the bike was put away, and given the requisite TLC.

I unpacked my gear, and decided to head out for a drink. Just the one. A cider. How hard could that be? A “cidre” in France? Strabo had identified the Gauls as having the stuff. But apparently, not in Macon.
Ended up with some hilarious conversations (I do have a bad French accent), but no cidre. Settled for a beer, then bed.

One thing I noticed during my night-time perambulations was that there are NO bikes left late at night.

Awoke to a cloudy Saturday morning, and went back to sleep. Blame it on Stephen’s 2am phone call. Or the 2 long days on the road.

Pottered around a bit trying to plan for the next stage, whilst the rain was on. Then went down for lunch.
Had the plat d’jour at Le Carline, the restaurant in the hotel. 12E90 for 3 courses. Nothing fancy, but nothing bad either. The half carafe of Macon wine helped πŸ™‚

Walked out in search of cidre, but instead found a bar showing England beating Australia at rugby. And a French barman betting on this England team to do well up to and including the next world cup πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Wandered around the town a bit more. Found a real cup of tea.
And I picked up supplies for a picnic. Just as well. The hotel and restaurant were shut when I returned.
Found a poor group milling around, with an online reservation but no-one to help. All ended well.

Came upstairs to my room, to capture this photo……..
and have part of my picnic πŸ™‚
Whilst watching Doctor Who in French πŸ™‚

And now the England vs Russia game has started.

G’nite all.