Hahaha. Lost again on my way to Lyon

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Well, what can I say. After the rain, I was wandering around the French countryside. The roads were getting more and more like tracks. Actually, they were already tracks.
The place that I stopped at was where the track split into two. Sent this location as a way to find out where I was 🙂
Whilst stopped, the only vehicle seen on this road was going back the way I had come.
Well. The mission was to get to Lyon and check out the stadium. So I rode back, and headed towards Lyon.

Came in via a market. Big market.

Found my way to the Lyon stadium. One of the venues for Euro2016.
This stadium was WAY outside the city.
Found a friendly security chap, who was really good about explaining the ticket and game-day processes.
Tickets had become available for Ukraiina vs Northern Ireland, so I was planning to stay the week, and catch the game.

So off to find a hotel, for tonight. Nearby. Done.
However, finding a hotel for game night turned out to be more difficult. The only one available online was 350Euros per night. Ouch!
And that was the best price. Tried all the search engines. Turns out I had found the cheapest room available game night.

Went out on the bike, to fill up, and lube the chain. Always lube the chain after heavy duty, ie:rain.

Ended up at downtown Lyon. Took a look around. Two rivers run through the city.
Had a cup of tea in an Irish pub, watching Northern Ireland struggle against Poland.
Then rode to a sister hotel that had a restaurant. These were hard to find open, on a Sunday in Lyon. Steak and chips.
Then back to my room.

Tried looking for ticket&accommodation packages. Nothing there either.

So off to Paris.
Via Dijon, then Riems.
Looks like rain all week.

And today, on Monday morning, turns out it is raining.
To quote a wiser man than me. When asked about riding a bike in the rain, and wouldn’t he prefer a car? His response: “No. I’d rather it was not raining!” 🙂

Dijon for the mustard, then overnight in Troyes?