Had discarded my rain trousers in my run around champagne country. The rain had stopped, and whilst dark clouds loomed, I opted for the cooler option – sans waterproof trousers.

Rode north-ish until I needed a bite to eat.
Stopped off in a square with a sandwich shop and a cafe. No food at the cafe, but the chap suggested I buy a sandwich from across the street, and bring it over. Which I did. Ending my meal with a caffe latte 🙂
One thing that surprised me, was this mini table football (fuzball)…….

As I walked out, the barrista asked if I had had much rain. Timely question. Black clouds were looming.

But time to go. And to find some petrol. Which I did by getting lost. hahahaha
As I filled up, the rain came down. HEAVY rain. Cats&Dogs type of rain.
So back to my panniers to retrieve my waterproof over-trousers, when lo and behold. The rain stopped. That was lucky 🙂

Took the correct road this time, and ran out of France. How did I know? Four police officers in the middle of the road, were a clue.

Reached Mons. Famous for being the last battle of World War I, and was retaken by the Canadians on 1918/11/11.

Rode around and found a place to stay, the old fashioned way. Walked up and asked.

Once settled in here, I went down for supper. Greek food. Was tasty. And filling.
All whilst watching Portugal draw in their first game, which was against Iceland. Not quite the result the pundits were expecting.

Then a wait till the restaurant cleared, about 30mins, so I could bring the motorcycle in for the night 🙂 Two nights indoors! The bike has never had it so good 🙂
Georges the owner used to ride, until he had an accident. Misses the bike. Had a 1200R a couple of weeks ago in the restaurant. We had a nice chat.

Then upstairs to update this blog.

Brussels and Brugge tomorrow, or rather, later today, Wednesday June 15th.

G’nite all.