In Search of Champagne

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The morning started off with rain. So I went back to bed for an hour, and then got up.

Out of the first hotel in Troyes before 9am, with the kind cleaning staff catching up with me. I had forgotten my electric toothbrush.

Into the second hotel and prep the bike. Usual lube, clean and check tire pressures (a bit low).
Dressed myself for rain.
And off I rode.

Took a good look at Troyes. Cute.
Then scenic route out to look for the champagne vineyards.

Took a while. Right up till here, in fact.

The rolling countryside had been full of wheat, potato and other crops. Not a vine in sight.
But Le Mesnil sur Oger showed that the maps had been correct. And I was in champagne country.
The sheds with names such as Veuve Cliquot were another give-away.

I had sampled enough last night, so rode onto Epernay. Made sure to ride the Avenue de Champagne đŸ™‚

Then onto Reims.
Found the Krug house. Very understated.
They had received my request for a tour, but there is a waiting list, so maybe in a couple of months! Oh no! I will have to come back and drink more champagne! hahahahaha

Back on the bike.
Took a ride around Reims, then headed to Belgium.