Left Lyon and headed towards the highway. But first a stop for a sandwich and a coffee at a bakery. And a chat with a fellow rider who has the BMW 1200GS 🙂

Ran up the highway, stopping off for some water. Even with the rain, which was on/off all the way, I was thirsty.
At the service station, met four lads from Basingstoke who were on their way back from Marseilles. Disappointed. With England’s performance. Had stayed away from the trouble, of which there had not been much. They were on their way via the chunnel.

I rode on into Dijon. Rode around looking for the tourist information office. Saw a lot of the city, but no office! haha

Then saw a sign to Troyes, so headed out. Excellent choice. Excellent road. Rolling countryside. And green. Must be all this rain:) And lots of little villages. And nice “hidden” gardens in some houses.

Came into Troyes and found the hotel. NICE parking spot indoors. A bit hogwartsy inside. Then disaster. Could not get on the internet. Their wi-fi was weird. The BlackBerry would not connect, at all. This laptop would connect, then disconnect, then connect…….
So the staff found me a sister hotel around the corner, where the wi-fi worked AOK.
Brought my gear over. Left the bike.
Made my plans for Paris (on the weekend)
Had supper………


with this tasty and tender, lamb stew, lurking under the cover….


Everything was VERY good.
French smoked salmon.
Three tasty cheeses. Especially liked the one that was a cross between a chevre and a brie.
Did you spot the 23Euro bottle of champagne. That was lovely too! NOTE: This broke my drinking rule, but I was watching Belgium vs Italy 😉

Awoke this morning to rain. Is supposed to be here all week. So no matter where I go, it will be wet.

Paris on Friday, so Bruges here I come!
Via Epernay and Reims 🙂