Pulled into Bruges, ready for a nice bed. Decided to stay at Martins.
Posh hotel, which is why they charge 25euros a day for parking. And no, not even a BMW bike can park in their empty courtyard.
My room was located here, well across the street. Guess the GPS is still only accurate to a few metres.

Stayed for a couple of days. Highlights?
(1) Marzipan is EVERYWHERE! I should have been warned 😉
(2) Wales nearly beating England in the Euros
(3) Lady cop trying to arrest 30+ students who were involved in a boat race. Took me back to my student days. The boat race, not the cop. Still explains the riot in Marseilles. Cops do not understand crowds.
(4) Chip Museum. Well, Belgium did invent the ‘French fry’. Who would have thought the humble potato could start a “war”.

And the weather was nice.

Richard says:

Guess that there are not too many rolling hills to up and down on. But you definitely have to enjoy the pastries, oh and the lace. Need new doilies?