There is a right big monument to the Battle of Waterloo right here.
I had pulled in and found a nice lunch.

Did not walk up the hill. Looked really steep.
Had been built by piling up earth from the surrounding fields, thereby changing the terrain. So we cannot see the land as it was, when the battle happened.

Stepped back to the bike. Looked like rain, so I dressed accordingly. Rain came down. Big rain.
Meant that I missed Brussels. Was going to ride through, but the amount of rain meant little would be seen.
So rode on the circular. Rain had slowed the traffic, and made it bunch up. Not fun.

Richard says:

This blog should be called… How to eat your way through Europe, watch footie and stay dry.
Don’t know which way you’re going after Brugge but Spa is a really pretty town with a few nice place to eat and OMG the small but powerful bottles of beer are very tasty too. And remember, Pat was born in Liege which is on the way.
Figured out that FireFox was being hijacked by Yahoo, one of their “sponsors” so now I’m tracking you on Safari. No problems here.

biker says:

am off to eat some more – marzipan 🙂