Bruges did not like to see me go. The rain started as I packed.
By the time I was heading into Ieper (Ypres), the rain was constant, but varying in intensity.

Rode in through the Menin gate saying “Thank you” to all the troops of the British Commonwealth.

I then stopped by the Flanders Fields Museum.
The rain had been a constant annoyance. Hard to imagine putting up with this weather, just to “go over the top” in the morning.

Moved onto the main road to Paris and pushed on. The rain was constantly hard. And big.

Pulled over for a fill-up and the sun came out!

And there were bikers. Lots of little groups.
I chatted with the French who were heading to Spain.
Then rode on.

The rain came.
It appeared that the road to Paris was where the cold front lay. So rain to the east, and sunshine to the West.
Most of the time, it rained hard.

Then the traffic started. Until I was forced to use the special motorcycle lane. Same as the other bikers. We moved along surprisingly swiftly 🙂

Found my way to Yves&Maura‘s. Nice supper. Sorry no photos!

Ritchie says:

Now, I suspect you could ride in any lane you wanted with this beast underneath you.

biker says:

I can with “the beast” I already have 🙂

Ritchie says:

Or maybe this is more your style?

biker says:

All I can say is “Ouch”!