The Juno Beach museum is a bit hard to find. Sneaky road takes you around the harbour. There were road works to make it even more interesting.
Found a prime parking spot, at the front door 🙂

Museum was interesting.
Staffed by real nice guys. Students from Canada 🙂
Weird part was the large room as you leave the exhibit. Full of comments. Literally. Painted onto the large dome of the room. But none related to D-Day. Weird.
I would have thought Scotty from Star Trek would have been mentioned. somewhere. James Doohan was part of D-Day, on Juno Beach.

Still, the shop did have a Canada sticker. Needed to replace mine from Toronto’s Chinatown, that had faded to almost grey now 🙂

Rode on to a spot in Creully. A bit further than expected. Had booked into the St.Martin. Turned out to be a nice hotel.
Which had a nice duck confit. The first seen in France. Weird or what. But it’s easier to get sushi rather than a duck confit, even in France.

One thing that was amazing. Just how many Canadian flags are found around northern France. A tribute to the sacrifices of World War II. Including one on a plaque around the corner from the hotel.
The chateau in Creully looked worth a trip.
And the whole area looked interesting.

But time to get my sick bike to England.
There have been hiccups, as I rode. Seems to start OK, and run OK for a while. Then a hiccup. Maybe more. Triggered by acceleration?

PS: 2018Jan28 – Creully has a main square, named after Canadian Lieutenant Bill McCormick of the 1st Hussars Canadian Armoured Regiment (London, Ontario), the only Allied soldier to reach his D-Day objective on 6 June 1944. One for Canada, eh?

Richard says:

Beam me up “Scotty”