Took my bike into the Guildford dealer. They gave me a loaner bike, a BMW 800R. The dealer will check into the smoke from exhaust, coughing engine, etc.

Now. A very long, long, time ago, I was at a scout camp in Chiddingfold. As this was just down the road from Guildford, I decided to ride down.

And what a ride it was. Narrow twisties, with commuter traffic, and pebbles on many of the road surfaces. The loaner bike behaved well, but I would have preferred my F700GS.

Had tried finding the scout camp on my own. No joy.
Luckily the Crown Inn was still there. Has been since the 13th Century. So popped in. Had a couple. Orange juice and soda, that is.
The chaps at the bar were able to direct me to the building site. New, 5millionGBP home being built on the location.

Due to the mud, etc, I did not feel comfortable taking the loaner bike any further than here:

The ride home was scenic. That is, I was often lost. Ola’s scenic route 😉
And what a nice part of the world to be lost in.

Close to Barry’s, I nearly ended up under the wheels of Volvo of all things. He was sat in the inside lane at a roundabout, waited till I was close in the outside lane, then pulled out. Luckily I keep my hands on the brake and clutch levers just for this occasion.
A Volvo driver. I thought they were safety first!

Still, just down the road was a biker-friendly cafe. So I pulled in for a cuppa, and a chat. Just in time. They were closing.
A well known biker cafe. Nice place 🙂

Then home to Barry’s.