Coming back from Londinium

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We had a nice supper, Monday night. See previous posting for Barry and a glass of wine.

Tuesday was spent on break‎fast (all the usual and more) followed by a leisurely stroll to Regent street.
There plan A went wrong. Striking teachers were blocking the road. No buses. Walked on a bit. Then a bit more. The found a bus that took us to St.Paul’s, where a quick stroll over the wibbly-wobbly bridge got us to the Globe Theatre.

At the theatre, nobody wanted to sell us a cuppa. Seriously. We were sat at a table for half an hour and nobody came to to take our order.
But the view of St Paul’s. cathedral was nice. The sun was shining. And we had a great chat with a gent from Southampton. Small world.

We saw the ‘Taming of the Shrew‘ = EXC‎ELLENT

Then hopped a cab to Fortnum&Mason’s. Instant service. Taken to a table. Order taken. Then waited for 30mins. But they were very apologetic and gave our tea and cake for free!

A stroll through Mayfair took us home‎, to our hotel.

Once there we decided to go out to eat.
Found where ex-prime minister Tony Blair lives. It was on the way. 29 Connaught Square. The armed police outside were a bit of a give-away.
Our pub provided a nice supper and cider.

Then up this Wednesday morning to authorize the work on my bike.
Long story. But I have to pay and hope I get it back upon my return to Canada.

Now on the bus heading towards Portsmouth.

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Stuart Anderson says:

Now that does look yummie and worth the trip to Acton, oops London.