Getting to the Midlands

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Monday morning saw me depart Southsea to pop over to Gosport, for shopping.

Then the Robin Hood pub, near Southampton for lunch with Barry&Toni before they fly out to Malta.

The run up to Olney was marred by heavy rain, that came and went. Mainly it came in big clumps. I was a trifle damp upon arrival at god-daughter Lucy’s place. But a cuppa and brownies fixed that.

The last leg was mainly in the dark, to Long Melford B&B. Luckily they are nice people, with a nice place. Waited up for me, as I had called ahead, and arrived after 10pm.

TLC for the bike then to bed.

Next morning, awoke to a full breakfast, and a short ride to Acton.
For the readers in Ontario, “It’s worth the drive to Acton” ;0

A big thank you to everyone at the Adventure Bike Shop. Bike needed some more TLC, and a replacement petrol container. Everyone super nice, and helpful.
Only hard part was finding them. Here are their GPS co-ordinates.
And they are in a lovely part of the world.

Rode on that afternoon, to Corby to stay with June&Graham.
They fed me a supper of hot toddy, chilli, wine and whiskey. Perfect antidote to the wet weather.

Lucy says:

Was very lovely to see you! Happy Birthday for tomorrow x

biker says:

And thanks for the memory 🙂