Ola’s mother will be laid to rest here:

Why record the co-ordinates?
I had spent several wasted hours looking for Babunya’s grave some days ago. Mother was supposed to be buried next to her mother. But this was not the case.
Never did find Babunya. Trying to find a grave requires precise name, precise date/time of burial and a long paperwork search, via the office. Results are not guaranteed. I was surprised to hear there is no electronic record. Not even a spreadsheet.
Even the graveyard is not clearly marked. Finding sections is surprisingly hard, never mind rows.
Was also a surprise to learn that graves are re-used. And that neglected ones will be re-used earlier than those visited often.

The service was well attended. Many showing up, despite their age and distance of travel.
Was good to catch up.

The details are: Ia (mother) passed away after several years with respiratory issues. She passed away in Leicester’s Glenville Hospital, and was buried 2016Jul26 in Leicester, at plot JX365, 13 up and 6 south.
NOTE: The Plast entry has an incorrect location of Leeds