Heading north I decided to take a peek at the old scout camp. Thanks to a kind chap walking the dogs with his son, I found the place. Been a while. So long that the camp looks a lot smaller then it used to!

My new GPS was of little use. Battery died. Only bought and installed it this morning!
When I found my billet in Llandudno, I fixed the charging problem.
However, I could not fix TomTom’s 10 metre delay, nor the inability to connect to WindowsXP.
But the big benefits are the last/first mile, and not having to hide the device in the rain.

Big shout out to J&S, who not only sold the item to me, but also found me some shelter out of the rain, whilst I did the installation.

And to all the guys at RadioWorld, you were right. They prophesied that I would run through regular GPS devices, and then buy a motorcycle GPS.