Rode on in the cloudy and sometimes drizzly day to Scotland. Gretna Green was my first stop.

A few other bikers were there too. Some had run away from the rain. Rain in Scotland? Quelle surprise!

I took the opportunity to have a capuccino and check for places to stay.

Lockerbie seemed the logical place.

Found a place for the night and rode in. Turned out that I was even more tired than I thought. Touch of sunburn. Must have been sunnier than I thought:)

After unpacking, I did some planning. My time is running out. Be September 30th soon enough. With some 6,000km++to go, there is not much time.
The total does not include a much wished for trip to the Isle of Islay. Home of my favourite scotch. Apparently the whole world descends upon Islay in July and August. No room at the inn. And it is a long way to go. Hmmmmmm. Options greatly appreciated.

Then took a stroll.
Sunset over the Garden of Rememberance.

Back to update this blog.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I head for Glasgow.