Real kipper for breakfast.

Then an easy run through Arran got me to a ferry to the mainland.
Martin (another BMW rider) was great company for the crossing.

A fast run got me to the Islay ferry in time.
Then horror of horrors! NO ROOM. A broken ferry in Oban meant all the traffic was pushed down to this port. Then my knight in shinning armour (Jeanette) came to the rescue. Made space for me on the 6pm, AND found a return ferry.

The several hours wait were filled with fishNchips, then a pot of tea.

When on the boat, had a very nice chat with a German couple who have a place on Islay.

Talking of which, here I am, on the Isle of Islay.
Watching the sun go down on the Bowmore distillery.

Life is hard. hahahahahahahaha