Last for the day was Ardbeg:,-6.10867&ll=55.64047,-6.10867&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1&output=embed&s=AARTsJp56EajYksz3JXgNCwT3LJnGsqqAQ

Quite the walk, with a bit of wind and rain. But made it in time for a lunch, a tour and a taste. Nice on all 3 counts.

The Russians came in partway through, so I advised them to go straight to the tasting, as the food takes a while.
Met them on my way back to Port Ellen, as I was walking, and they were cycling. Must admit that I was feeling a bit of an idiot for not sharing a cab, as a young couple had offered, but I felt the walk would do me good.
Got to the bus just in time. Last bus back to Bowmore.And 10mins later the rain increased from “a scotish mist” to a torrential downpour.