Got off Islay AOK on Thursday. Ferry had room for me. And we arrived a bit late, but still with plenty of time to fill up and run to Oban.

Nice place Oban. And busy.
If it had not been for messing up my booking, I would have been on the street!
As it was, Linsay from Ayres guest house Saved the day. Or more accurately, the night.
Linsay confirmed with that they had messed me about. Then all three of us got to work. Linsay, through her contacts in Oban, found me a room 🙂

Nice staff at the Western Hotel nearby had a basement room available. At 9pm in the evening, I was not going to argue. And it was mostly above ground, with a view onto the back garden. So nice.

Unpacked and took care of the bike.

Then, I continued looking for hotel rooms. NOTHING north of the border. Well nothing under 150GBP a night. And precious few of those. Only a few south of Oban.

Decided to try and update my GPS. But WiFi only on the ground floor and slow. So hooked up my cell phone, started the update process and went to sleep.
Awoke this morning to find the update stalled. Could not find the TomTom servers.

So I checked for a hotel south of the border. York is the first place that had a room at a reasonable price. Not even cheap. Just, reasonable.

Am enroute. Finishing lunch at the Gargunnock Inn. Which was nice 🙂

See you all in York

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Richard says:

You must pop into the theatre pub, if it’s still around. I used to work there pulling pints for a german manager. Also used to sell Old Peculiar. Good stuff.

biker says:

Theakston’s :):):)
And Masham is close!