TomTom, York and Birthdays

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Friday evening I arrived in York. Room turned out to be like Harry Potter’s! hahaha. Used all my organizational skills to unpack in the limited space.
Parked the bike next to two others in the car-park, and applied the usual TLC.
Then restarted the TomTom update.
Double-checking on the bike, I found the hotel bar was still open. And the other two bikers (father and son) were there. Nice chat over a couple of pints.
Back in the room found the TomTom update still in progress so went to sleep.

Saturday mo‎rning showed TomTom update was still useless and my GPS still had no maps 🙁
Time for a stroll.
‎So off I went, through the city walls, the Shambles, the market (great meringues) and into York Minster (cathedral).
A quick look around then on to see if there were:-
(a) Internet cafes with high-speed Internet for TomTom updates (no)
(b) laundrettes (yes)
Then back to the hotel.

Time to get serious about this TomTom update. Took out all the firewall processes, and gave my Windows account Admin rights. Removed everything to do with TomTom’s MyDriveConnect program and re-installed‎. Started the update, which showed 14hrs required. Baby-sat the program. Cleaned up a couple of issues, and picked up a couple of curries. This was going to be a long night.
A few more issues through the night and morning, then joy of joys, the update completed at 8am. I now have maps on my TomTom GPS!!!‎
When you pay top-dollar, you expect something better than an update process that will not work on the road. I thought computers were supposed to make our lives simple? Guess the Dutch think otherwise.

Sunday morning started off with laundry, which turned out to be the obverse of my TomTom experience. Reasonable price. Effective processes. ‎And a friendly helpful person (Sam).

Then on to the National Railway Museum. Free to enter, though you can make a donation 🙂
Lots of old engines, though I am only interested in steam. They were like dragons, running on rails, and pulling all manner of carriages and cargos.
The Mallard (fastest steam train) had knowledgeable staff to explain the workings. Which suggest that Clarkson did not shovel coal all the way from London to Edinburg, because you had to be REALLY fit and strong. haha.
Half way through the tour, I had the tea below. And a nice chat with a couple from Linconshire.

Back to the hotel just in time for the match. Sad to say, Leicester lost the Charity Shield to ManU 🙁 But Vardy scored 🙂 A better result was achieved by Leicester in 1971 😉
During the match I unpacked my laundry and fixed my laptop (undoing all my work to enable TomTom updates to complete).

And now, time to plan my European Part 02 trip.

Giulia says:

Glad to see (read) you are still going strong with your Euro Trip! Safe travels….

biker says:

Mille Grazzie Bella :):):)

Stuart says:

That is pretty fancy

biker says:

Ah the power of WordPress.
Thanks for the compliment 🙂