Neighbour Richard had a mis-spent summer in “Brid”, during the ’70’s. I was curious to see the east coast, and maybe some little-Richards?

Found what turned out to be an outstanding B&B, called The Chimes:,-0.19214&ll=54.08502,-0.19214&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1&output=embed&s=AARTsJp56EajYksz3JXgNCwT3LJnGsqqAQ

Settled in and took a stroll.

First thoughts?
(1) What a lot of fish&chips shops!
(2) HUGE sandy beaches

Stayed a few days longer than expected, due to a puncture.
Picked it up one day, as I filled up, just before the B&B. Could not get it fixed in Brid. But Barrie Robson came to the rescue. Ordered a new tire. And when my field-fix did not hold air for long enough to get back to York, they came out and picked me up. Proper van, with proper ramp and tie-downs 🙂

PS: No I did not see any “little-Richards”