Had a soft spot for Black Sheep brewery ever since I saw the episode with the Two Fat Ladies 🙂
The longer version requires beer, or scotch, or both 😉

I rode into the brewery car-park, and met a couple from Holland, on their motorcycle and sidecar. Nice chat. They come over, every year, and camp. Brave people. Weather was traditional Yorkshire: damp, windy and dull.

Inside I purchased a bottle, and had sippers.

Found an education. “Up norf” they are using sparklers. IMHO it does change the beer. Had sippers with and without. Totally different taste and look, from the same barrel.
Beer drinkers of the world unite! “Sparklers for Guy Fawkes only!”
Sparklers allow flat beer to be dispensed. After all, how do you know the beer is flat, if the sparkler always puts on a head.

In retrospect, the vast majority of beer drinkers like cold, fizzy beer. So maybe Black Sheep have a point.
Either way, their beer has taste.