Theakston’s Gone Peculiar

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Theakston’s brewery’s visitor centre was bit hard to find. Here are the co-ordinates: Latitude:54.22248; Longitude:-1.65918
And here is the map.
The only practical way is to walk in from Church Street. You will see the signs. Halfway along the first laneway, you turn North up a second laneway and will find the Centre on your left.
I did much the same with the motorcycle 🙂

But as everything in life, there have been changes. Old Peculiar is not what it used to be. This is to do with the sparkler used when pouring the beer. Required a change to the recipe, or so I was told. Sad. Old Peculiar is now light n frothy, whereas it used to pour thick and with just the right amount of bubbles.

No food. Just crisps and scratchings.

But still worth a visit. Fun bunch.