Brideshead re-Visited

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Or should I say, Castle Howard visited! Yup the filming location for Brideshead Revisited.
The main door has an outstanding North-facing view. Apparently they moved some villages, rivers, etc. Awesome view.

Here is the location.

Nice building. Designed by same chap who designed Blenheim Palace

Gardens are nice too.

Then onto Yorkshire Lavender. I always travel with lavender oil. Myriad uses.

Scarboro’ Castle and a chat with the Roundheads and Cavaliers. They were preparing for a proper fight on the weekend.
Really steep path through the main gate. So steep, that when I stopped on the way out to close the gate, I dropped the bike. Had already stopped once, to open the main gate. Guess the loose gravel did not help. One of the re-enactors happened by and helped me out. Nice chap. Gardener from Castle Howard !

Then home for a chinese.