While the cat’s away, the mice will play. In other words, Toni off to a wedding meant Barry is home-alone. So I ran the 470km south, from ‘Brid’ on a sunny day.

‎The highlights included the Humber Bridge (free for motorcycles), and just outside Winchester, a nice couple heading to Caen with their grandson (ex-BMW riders).

For those motorists envious of bikes running the white line, we are only doing that to stay alive. Sat in traffic, suited-up, in armour, is quite de-hydrating. So please be nice (and some already are), and move over for bikers.

Bishops Waltham meant beers at The Grapes‎ followed by curry at Friends. Perfect Friday night. Real ale. Real Curry.

Saturday morning meant errands to run. Mainly TLC for the bike, including a wash and ACF50.

Lunch was with Barry at the Admiral Drake.

Tea with Robert&Eilene.
They have the son returning home issue. Three extra cats. And loads of stuff. Lee came around, with his extended family.

Saturday’s supper was at‎ the Woodcutters (nice steak pie).

Followed by Match of the Day. Did have Gary Lineker presenting (as promised) the show in only his underwear‎.

Sunday morning was a late start, and laundry. At Copnor Launderette (nice and clean).
Nearby for capuccino and outstanding chocolate at ChocaBlock (a Michael Collins store).
Thence to see Barry’s new home near Baffin’s Pond. He’s put in an offer. Good location.
Lunch at the nearby Baffin pub (nice burgers).

And that, is everyone all caught up.