Old Soldiers Never Die

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Rode over to meet with Jock in Royal Wootten Bassett. Still the same fit **gger. I envy him and Stuart 🙂
Jock is wrapping up his civil engineering career. With canal boats and Mont Blanc on the horizon.
A tip. Visit Jock. He makes an excellent cuppa. His back yard has a great view. The Bell pub is nearby. Seriously worth a visit.
Funny to think we were both at the Grand Canyon in November!
Was nice catching up.
And the ride home was WAY easier at 1am, then the trip up at rush hour.

Next day Barry had me moving furniture.
Then out with Mark for a couple of pints.

I elected to go into Bishops Waltham for some vegetables. In my defense, the greengrocer lady made the walk to the Hampshire Bowman sound much shorter than the 2 or more miles.
Once there a couple of pints of real ale and real cider made me whole again 🙂

Taxi back to Barry’s for supper and a nightcap.

Wednesday morning had me up and moving furniture again.

Then packing the bike and off to Dorking.
Met Pete the retired police officer when I stopped for a burger and tea. He was paid to ride motorcycles. Jealous am I!

First stop was to see Fritz and his family.
TomTom does not recognise the address, but Fritz bravely stood out in the road and flagged me down.
We had a great chat over beers, cheese and wings.
So good it was too late to go see Lynn 🙁
Overnighted in a comfy tent.

Then Thursday’s breakfast as below 🙂

Yes that is black pudding and vegetarian haggis 🙂

More chat.

Hard to imagine Fritz as that young tank driver, now he has morphed into a satellite exec.

Old soldiers never die. They go into civvie street and raise a family.

Richard says:

It’s 7:30 here and that breakfast looks soooo good. Too bad the Bristol shut down here. Can’t find anything to replace it.

biker says:

The Bristol gone????
I leave the country for a few months, and it goes to rack and ruin!
Eggs Bene @ the Football Factory is always good.
Queen&Beaver? They are more than scotch eggs 🙂